Last Train EP

by Zoé Rose de Paz

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released October 25, 2014

Recorded in Boston, MA, 2014. Written and arranged by Zoé Rose de Paz. Produced and Engineered by Callum Brockie.




Zoé Rose de Paz Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Last Train Home
I'm on the last train home and I'm running' outta steam
I'm feelin' low and I got big holes in my soul and jeans
But i don't want your sympathy
it's my own heart's fault I'm in poverty
See, I didn't want his love if it wasn't comin' for free (2x).

I'm headed out of New York City and Queen's smokestacks
Taking a bitter mind, a worn-out heart, and my old knapsack
I guess it's my health that's finally due
'Cause I'm sick of singing' these blues
And I'm sick of thinking that you're good for me when we both know it ain't true (2x)

Well, my girls say that you're a dog, but you know that ain't right
'Cause a dog would be more loyal to me at night
'N I'm done with nights up crying
'N I'm done with nights up trying
'N I'm done with carryon' round this pain for all of these years (2x).

I'm on the last train home and I'm running outta steam
I'm feeling low and I got big holes in my soul and jeans
'N I'm headed for the hills of home
'N you're gonna haft leave me alone
When it gets this bad you know I don't pick up my telephone (2x)

Well, the beautiful people are forgiven for all of their flaws
'N the best of us get their trophies with full applause
But what happens to the rest of us?
Those who've lost their will or their trust?
What happens to all the souls slicing through the darkness on a Greyhound bus? (2x).

Well, you've given me a debt of atonement that I can't pay
'N you've given a girl enough sorrow until judgement day
'N you never gave me a fair play
'N you gave me a clean getaway
So give me three good reasons why I should stay

Between your whiskey and the cocaine, why should I stay
I need three damn good reasons why I should even stay
Why should I even stay
Track Name: Lay Down Your Mountain
Well, ya know that love is like a wave
Hard to measure and it's hard to save
But if love's fleeting, let's make love last
Grab hold of this moment until it's past

(and try to) Say, that you will stay
I've got all day, so just lay back down and rest because
I know you're not like the rest of them
So just lay down your mountain
Honey, stay.

If I could give you one word, it would be just "love"
If I gave you one reason, it wouldn't be enough
'N I've got everyone else telling me what to do
But when you look at my like that now, that's the truth.

I said, Say that you'll stay
I've got all day, so just lay back down and rest besides me
'cause I know you're not like the rest of them
lay down your mountain
Honey, stay.

You're the reason why I sleep in
'N you're the reason why I trust again
All these egos you're the id.
It shows when you kiss my eyelids.

{trumpet and guitar solo}

In this busy world, sometimes you need a little calm
A moment of serenity, or a soulful song
'Cause ooh, when you kiss me it feels so damn good
It feels like two souls entwining should.

Track Name: Whatever You Want
I've been traveling a lot these days
And wherever I go, don't you know, I would gladly stay?
But what i need now is a home it seems
And a few more memories and few less dreams

'Cause I've been straying out of my edges
And I've been trying on new for size
But I can't quite shake these old melodies
Can't quite seem to lose the blue from my eyes

Whatever you want
Whatever you want
Oh, Whatever it is you want
Surely ain't never whatever you already got (2x)

I've got these two hands that are strong
And I've got a fair voice and I've got my song
So why do I always want to be whoever I'm not?
Always wanna go everywhere I don't belong

I wanna love you but I want my freedom
i wanna love you but I'm so scared of being bound
Why is it the moment I wanna the fly the most
is the moment my feet hit the ground?

Whatever you want
Whatever you want
Ooh, Whatever it is you want
Surely ain't never whatever you already got

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Won't Stay Down (Live)
Well, I had a heart some time ago
and I'd let it shine everywhere I'd go
But then you crept on in, and you cut the vein
that attached it to my soul, yeah, it sank low, you rocked me low.

Well, I loved you right and I loved you strong
'N I lost pieces of myself to you for so long
So long I forgot who I once had been
I forgot my fingers could embroider golden notes from rusty tin

I won't stay down, I won't stay down (2x)
What goes around comes around
What is free once was bound
Baby you know me, you know I won't stay down

Some love gets softer as it's worn
Some love need earth and sweat and gut to be born
If your love was a mighty storm
then my soul is the patch of blue in the sky getting torn

I have this hope and I have this fear
That to fruition never will achieve all that I hold dear
I will grab on and I won't let go
I won't stop kicking til I break the surface from below