Last Train Home

from by Zoé Rose de Paz

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Recorded in Boston and Jamaica Plain, MA. Summer 2014. No Auto Tune was used in the making of these tracks.


I'm on the last train home and I'm running' outta steam
I'm feelin' low and I got big holes in my soul and jeans
But i don't want your sympathy
it's my own heart's fault I'm in poverty
See, I didn't want his love if it wasn't comin' for free (2x).

I'm headed out of New York City and Queen's smokestacks
Taking a bitter mind, a worn-out heart, and my old knapsack
I guess it's my health that's finally due
'Cause I'm sick of singing' these blues
And I'm sick of thinking that you're good for me when we both know it ain't true (2x)

Well, my girls say that you're a dog, but you know that ain't right
'Cause a dog would be more loyal to me at night
'N I'm done with nights up crying
'N I'm done with nights up trying
'N I'm done with carryon' round this pain for all of these years (2x).

I'm on the last train home and I'm running outta steam
I'm feeling low and I got big holes in my soul and jeans
'N I'm headed for the hills of home
'N you're gonna haft leave me alone
When it gets this bad you know I don't pick up my telephone (2x)

Well, the beautiful people are forgiven for all of their flaws
'N the best of us get their trophies with full applause
But what happens to the rest of us?
Those who've lost their will or their trust?
What happens to all the souls slicing through the darkness on a Greyhound bus? (2x).

Well, you've given me a debt of atonement that I can't pay
'N you've given a girl enough sorrow until judgement day
'N you never gave me a fair play
'N you gave me a clean getaway
So give me three good reasons why I should stay

Between your whiskey and the cocaine, why should I stay
I need three damn good reasons why I should even stay
Why should I even stay


from Last Train EP, released October 25, 2014
Written and arranged by Zoé Rose de Paz, 2014. Engineered and Produced by Callum Brockie, 2014. Vocals: Zoé Rose de Paz. Fiddle: Zoé Rose de Paz. Acoustic Guitar: Chris O'Grady. Electric Guitar: Mark Schwaller. Harmonica: Jim Clifford. Electric Bass: Upright Bass: Brian Fitzgerald. Washboard: Sam McCracken. Drums: Chris Geller.




Zoé Rose de Paz Boston, Massachusetts

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